Welcome to the SCSPP web site.  For 32 years the Center has been actively involved in public policy research, technical assistance, training and community outreach activities.  We have involved hundreds of students and faculty of Clark Atlanta University in numerous projects involving policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.  Our projects have focused on assisting people of color and poor persons with information/data, strategies and tools to enable them to impact the policy making process in areas such as education, community and economic development, housing, transportation and political representation.  The Center has published annually two reports on the condition of African Americans in Atlanta (since 1993), the Status of Black Atlanta and the impacts of public policies of the Georgia legislature on people of color and poor residents of Georgia (since 1991), the Georgia Legislative Review.  Also, several of our recent projects have involved increasing political participation of youth in the political process (Youth Empowerment Project) and facilitating fair representation of minorities and females in legislative bodies (Alternatives to the Single Member District Electoral System).  Please check out our list of recent projects and our on-line data on Atlanta.

The Center is proud to have played a role for more than three decades in assisting Black Elected Officials and administrators to become more effective and efficient policy makers in the South, the United States and in Africa.  Our work in drafting a new Charter for the City of Atlanta, providing leadership training for such diverse elected officials as the National Conference of Black Mayors and state legislators in nine states in Nigeria, enhancing understanding of environmental issues and promoting community and policy makers , youth and public school teachers’ awareness of environmental problems and strengthening the capabilities of leaders of non-governmental organizations to influence policy makers have been valuable and rewarding experiences.

As we enter the 21st century, some of the main issues that have been the target of our activities are still unresolved.  However, our experiences and projects in recent years have improved our capacity to assist communities to improve the quality of life for their residents.  Enhancing the availability of affordable housing, achieving environmental justice, conducting program evaluations to improve service delivery and building partnerships between neighborhood leaders, corporate executives and elected officials comprise the major agenda for the Center in the first decade of the new millennium.  We will continue to strive to improve the conditions of disadvantaged people by developing innovative and creative approaches, strategies, and programs in keeping with our motto—Improving Life, One Policy at a Time.


Bob Holmes, Ph.D.