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The Southern Center for Studies in Public Policy (SCSPP) of Clark Atlanta University was created in 1968 as a teaching and community outreach organization. The goal of the SCSPP is to seek ways to improve the relative economic, educational, political and social position of disadvantaged people principally through its programs and research.   It is able to draw upon the expertise of more than 400 faculty members and 1,300 graduate students to carry out its projects.

The future thrust of the SCSPP is to continue evaluation, policy analysis, research and technical assistance on issues that have a major impact on African Americans and low-income people in the Southern region of the United States. Among the priority issues and projects are:

  • Environmental justice

  • Environmental and energy policies and programs

  • Review of Georgia and other Southern state legislatures

  • Assessment of status of Blacks in Atlanta and the South

  • Program assessment 

  • Technical assistance and training of community leaders in the U.S. and abroad

  • Human resource development and job training

  • Education policy and youth services 

  • Political education training 

  • Sustainable community development

  • Qualitative and Quantitative assessment